Installing Light Agent for Windows using the Installation Wizard

Prior to beginning installation, you need to unpack the distribution package of Light Agent for Windows in a folder on the virtual machine that you want to protect.

To install the Light Agent for Windows component to a virtual machine using the Installation Wizard:

  1. In the operating system of the virtual machine that you want to protect, run the file setup.exe from the Light Agent for Windows distribution kit.

    The Light Agent Installation Wizard starts.

  2. Follow the instructions of the Light Agent Installation Wizard.

    The Installation Wizard checks whether the following conditions have been fulfilled:

    • Compliance of the operating system on the virtual machine with the software requirements.

      If a condition is not met, a notification is displayed on the screen.

    • There is no incompatible software installed on the virtual machine.

      The Installation Wizard performs a search of the virtual machine for applications that could cause conflicts with Light Agents if allowed to run concurrently. If such applications are found, the Installation wizard displays a list of them and prompts to confirm their deletion. After confirmation, the installation wizard attempts to remove the applications automatically. If a restart is required as part of the deletion process, the Installation wizard reboots the virtual machine. You can review the list of incompatible software in the incompatible.txt file that is included in the Kaspersky Security application distribution kit.

      If applications that cannot be deleted automatically are detected on the virtual machine, the Installation Wizard prompts you to remove them manually.

During installation, the virtual machine is scanned for active infection. If a threat is detected and disinfection is not possible, installation finishes with an error. To neutralize the threat, it is recommended to use the utilities known as Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool and Rescue Disc. For a description of the utilities, please refer to the Knowledge Base.

In this section:

The Start window of the Installation wizard

Viewing the End User License Agreement

Selecting the type of installation

Selecting Light Agent components for installation

Selecting the installation folder

Configuring the trusted zone

Starting the installation

Installing the Light Agent for Windows component

Finishing the installation

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