KL 040.80 Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

In this course you will find short technical videos describing how to deploy and manage protection of network of 5 – 250 devices running Windows or MacOS and mobile devices running iOS and Android.

All the information in the course applies to Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud8.0 and above.


This part explains what is the purpose of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, which products can be managed through it and who will use it.
What this course is about, what is the purpose of this product and what makes it different

Part 1. General information

This part explains general Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud operation and protection principles.
What constitutes Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud
Important technologies of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud
How Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is licensed

Part 2. Installation

This part explains how to create an account in Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, deploy protection on Windows, MacOS, and mobile devices.
How to install Kaspersky Endpoint Security. Preparation, signing up, activation, and adding users
How to connect computers and mobile devices
How to create an APNs certificate

Part 3. Post-installation configuration

This part explains how to configure a Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud security profile, set up virus scan tasks, and manage the controls components. Also, this part describes the Kaspersky Endpooint Security Cloud functionality available under a Kaspersky Endpooint Security Cloud Plus license: Encryption, as well as vulnerability assessment and patch management.
Post-installation tasks: What to do immediately after deploying the protection; how to set up Kaspersky Endpooint Security password protection and an on-demand virus scan task
Controls: How to configure Device and Web controls
How to configure encryption on Windows and MacOS devices
How to configure vulnerability assessment and patch management
How to configure notifications and use reports


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