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KL 117.80: Kaspersky Security 8.0 for SharePoint Server

This course teaches how to install Kaspersky Security for SharePoint Server, how to set up file scanning for viruses and prohibited content on access and on demand, how to create custom content filtering categories and how to configure updates and notifications.
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Lecture 1: Introduction This chapter briefly describes Microsoft SharePoint and explains why it is necessary to protect this platform. Also, it outlines the architecture and operational principles of Kaspersky Security for SharePoint Server.

Installation and Configuration

Lecture 2: Installation and Configuration In this chapter you will learn how to install Kaspersky Security for SharePoint Server, become familiar with its system requirements, the decisions to be made during the installation, and their consequences.
Demo 2.1: Installing Kaspersky Security for SharePoint Server
 Interactive Demo
  Non-Interactive Demo

On-Access Protection

Lecture 3: On-Access Protection This chapter introduces detection and real-time scanning technologies, explains how Microsoft SharePoint Anti-Virus settings influence the Kaspersky Security behavior, describes Anti-Virus scan and content filtering settings, and also outlines the text recognition technology.
Demo 3.1: On-access File Scanning
 Interactive Demo
  Non-Interactive Demo
Demo 3.2: On-access Content Filtering
 Interactive Demo
  Non-Interactive Demo
Demo 3.3: Testing IFilter Utility
 Interactive Demo
  Non-Interactive Demo

On-Demand Scanning

Lecture 4: On-Demand Scanning This chapter describes management principles of on-demand scanning and explains how to create and configure scan tasks.
Demo 4.1: On-Demand Scanning
 Interactive Demo
  Non-Interactive Demo
Demo 4.2: Content filtering based on user categories
 Interactive Demo
  Non-Interactive Demo


Lecture 5: Monitoring This chapter reviews the diagnostic tools and methods that help you receive various information about Kaspersky Security for SharePoint Server and about the objects scanned for viruses and unwanted content, including notifications that Kaspersky Security can send.
Demo 5.1: Working with Reports
 Interactive Demo
  Non-Interactive Demo

In this course you will find two sorts training materials: slides and demonstrations. Slides mainly explain the principles of how this or that feature works and how you usually use it. Demonstrations specifically show how to do things in Kaspersky Security Center and what the expected results of these doings are. Tutorials show the same actions as demonstrations. The difference between them is that in demonstrations you simply watch whereas in tutorials you have to complete all the actions yourself in a simulated environment. Both the slides and the demonstrations (tutorials) are voiced.

Student Prerequisites

Basic experience with Windows operating systems and networking.

System Requirements

To fully experience this training you need the following:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
  • Flash Player 9 or later
  • Minimum display resolution 1280×960
  • Sound card, speakers or a headphones for listening to voice-over

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