Compatibility issues of Kaspersky Safe Kids with Yandex.Browser

Latest update: September 08, 2021 ID: 14486

Switch to the premium version of Kaspersky Safe Kids

In the premium version, you can check the location and battery level of your child's device, view YouTube search history, and set the device use schedule.



By default, Yandex.Browser is blocked by Kaspersky Safe Kids on the child’s device, but it can be allowed manually in the settings. In this case, every time a banking page or payment system website is opened in Yandex.Browser, a message about untrusted Kaspersky Safe Kids certificates is displayed. This occurs because Yandex.Browser uses the protected mode which identifies the certificates of Kaspersky Safe Kids as untrusted.


  1. If you want to allow the use of Yandex.Browser under a child’s account, do it manually on My Kaspersky. For instructions, see Online Help.
  2. When the warning about untrusted Kaspersky Safe Kids certificates appears:
    • To proceed to the website, click the corresponding button. Next time you open that website, the message will appear again.
    • To stop these warnings from appearing, disable the protected mode in Yandex.Browser. For instructions, see Yandex.Support.

    • Disabling the protected mode in Yandex.Browser will reduce the security of your data.

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