The “SCRAM authentication requires libpq version 10 or above” error when installing Kaspersky Scan Engine

Latest update: April 02, 2021 ID: 15658

This article concerns:

  • Kaspersky Scan Engine 2.0
  • Kaspersky Scan Engine 1.0


When installing Kaspersky Scan Engine for Windows, you can encounter the "SCRAM authentication requires libpq version 10 or above” error.


The default password encryption mechanism has been changed in PostgreSQL 13 database management system. The initial postgres user that was created during the PostgreSQL installation has a password encrypted with the scram-sha-256 algorithm. This algorithm is not supported by Kaspersky Scan Engine for Windows.


We recommend that you use PostgreSQL version 11 or 12. 

If you cannot use the recommended versions, configure the supported password encryption mechanism in PostgreSQL. Instructions for the following installation scenarios:

The changes will affect the entire PostgreSQL cluster and other applications that use the cluster.


If you use the Installation using the installer (Windows) scenario


If you use the Manual installation (Windows) scenario

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