Support Tools in Kaspersky Total Security 2016


Kaspersky Total Security 2016


Support Tools in Kaspersky Total Security 2016

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2016 abr. 11 ID: 12361
After installing Kaspersky Total Security you may witness situations when the operating system becomes unstable (for example, messages about operating system errors may appear when booting the computer or starting some task). This probably means the application has a conflict either with some software or driver installed on your computer.
To fix some of the problems with Kaspersky Total Security that you may encounter, Kaspersky Lab Technical Support may ask to send trace files of the application components.
We DO NOT RECOMMEND you to perform the actions described below unless they are required and guided by a Technical Support engineer. If enabled accidentally, trace collection may account for disk space shortage.

1. How to get trace files


2. How to locate trace files


3. How to run an AVZ script


4. How to create a system state report and get an AVZ utility report


5. How to save and upload reports to the Kaspersky Lab server

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