How to lock and locate a lost device using Kaspersky Internet Security for Android


Kaspersky Internet Security for Android


How to lock and locate a lost device using Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

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Latest update: January 29, 2020 ID: 10204

Using the Anti-Theft component, you can lock a lost device and find out its location. Devices are located via GPS, or using wireless and mobile networks if GPS is unavailable.

If you havetwo-factor authentication set on your device for accessing My Kaspersky using the SMS code, you will not be able to sign in to your account and use the Anti-Theft feature in case your SIM card is lost. To avoid this, set authentication on more than one device. For instructions, see Online Help.

To lock and locate a device:

  1. Enable the Lock & Locate command in the Kaspersky Internet Security for Android app. See the instructions below.
  2. Send the Lock & Locate command via My Kaspersky. See the instructions below.

Your device will be locked once the command has been sent. To unlock your device, enter the secret code. For more information about the secret code, see Online Help.

After entering the secret code:

  • On devices running Android 4.х and 5.1, the system lock will be disabled.
  • On devices running Android 5.0, the app will replace any system lock with a PIN-based lock that matches the secret code for Anti-Theft.

You can enable the system lock once more in your device’s settings.


How to enable the Lock & Locate command


How to send the Lock & Locate command via My Kaspersky


What else can I do to find my device?

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