New features and known issues in Kaspersky Security 8.0 for Microsoft SharePoint Servers MP1


Kaspersky Security 8.0 for SharePoint Server


New features and known issues in Kaspersky Security 8.0 for Microsoft SharePoint Servers MP1

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2013 Aug 08 ID: 10228

What's new in version 8.2.15252

  • Now it is possible to upgrade from the previous version of the application.
  • The application is now compatible with Windows Server 2012.
  • The application is fully compatible with Mircosoft SharePoint Server 2013.
  • Anti-virus scan module has been improved.
  • Now Kaspersky Security Network can be used to ensure enhanced protection of servers.
  • Web content is now scanned for phishing threats.
  • The scope of information on the application operation and the SharePoint server protection status has been expanded.
  • The Administration Console interface design has been improved.
  • A number of application issues have been fixed.

Known issues

  • If the scan timeout set in the SharePoint settings is exceeded while the document is being uploaded to a SharePoint server via the Explorer View, all versions of this document will be moved to the Recycle Bin. The files have to be restored from the Recycle Bin manually.
  • If the application is installed on several farm servers at once, error warnings are displayed when the anti-virus settings of the SharePoint server are updated. These warnings can be ignored.
  • When an attempt is made to upload an infected file or a file with unwanted content to a SharePoint server via the Explorer View, four copies of the file are moved to Backup.
  • When an attempt is made to download and save an infected file (by selecting Save as... in Internet Explorer) attached to a calendar event, a message appears stating that the site cannot be opened. 
  • If the action in On-access scan settings is set to Block or Disinfect, and an infected file or file with unwanted content is attached to an item in a team discussion on a SharePoint server, an attempt to save the team discussion results in creating five identical entries (with the same title, author, and last update time and date) in the team discussion. This issue has been fixed in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 3, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Service Pack 3 updates and October 2011 Cumulative Update for SharePoint Server 2007
  • During On-access scan, ne and the same file may be processed multiple times when this file is uploaded or downloaded for the first time.
  • The Kaspersky Security Network service will not work if the address of an inactive DNS server is specified in the primary network connection settings.
  • If archives are excluded from the scan scope during On-access scanning, .docx files containing viruse can be uploaded to a SharePoint server. The log will state that the file was excluded from scanning.
  • If a file is archived, anti-virus scan does not skip this file even though it is excluded from the scan scope by a mask.
  • If a proxy server is configured for updating the databases from a source, the databases will not be updated via the proxy server when you select an FTP server as the update source.
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