How to use Kaspersky Password Manager (Mac)


Kaspersky Password Manager (Mac) 2.0


How to use Kaspersky Password Manager (Mac)

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2017 Aug 10 ID: 10510

Kaspersky Password Manager (Mac) is used for automatic and secure input of passwords and other personal information on websites. The data is saved to the encrypted password database. Access to the database is only possible  if you know the master password.

With Kaspersky Password Manager, you can synchronize the information between all your devices and the cloud database. For synchronization, use the same My Kaspersky account while installing Kaspersky Password Manager (Mac, Android, iOS, Windows). 


If you add an entry to Kaspersky Password Manager on any of your devices, it will appear on all of your devices with Kaspersky Password Manager upon the next synchronization through My Kaspersky. This allows applying your personal information securely and automatically on any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You will also be able to recover your data if the device has been lost or changed.


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