Kaspersky Password Manager in Kaspersky PURE 3.0 completes website/application authorization forms incorrectly


Kaspersky PURE 3.0


 Kaspersky Password Manager in Kaspersky PURE 3.0 completes website/application authorization forms incorrectly

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2014 Jan 21 ID: 10854
If the Password Manager component of Kaspersky PURE 3.0 works incorrectly (for example, completes authorization forms incorrectly, completes not all required fields, or fills unwanted fields), you can edit the autocompleting settings using the Manual form editing option. To do it, perform the following actions: 
  1. Open the context menu of Kaspersky CRYSTAL 3.0
  2. In the context menu, select Unlock Password Manager.

  1. Enter your Master Password.

  1. In the Password Manager window, select the account for a website or an application and click the button with a pencil. Select Edit from the drop-down list.


  1. If you need to make changes in Login and Password fields, edit the account data.
  2. If Login and Password fields are filled correctly, but the application completes forms incorrectly, click  . In the Password Manager window, click Edit settings.

  1. When you click Edit settings, Password Manager will open the webpage corresponding to the account you edit. If the page cannot be opened, check your Internet connection. You will see the message that will prompt you to wait until the browser opens the page.  
  2. In the upper part of the Manual form editing window, the list of the authorization fields will open. Select the parameter that in autocompleted incorrectly and check its contents in the Value section. 
  3. If the value does not correspond to the selected field, edit it:

  • The checkboxes in the left part of the window allow to enable and disable autocompleting of corresponding fields. 
  • The Reset button contains a drop-down menu: 
    • Reset all fields option resets all data entered by the user into authorization fields.
    • Reset the Sign-in button option cancels automatic sending of an authorization form.
    • Reset the Sign-in form option disables autocompleting of the authorization form (not deleting the parameters). 
  • To re-activate field completion, select the corresponding parameter from the list and select a checkbox on the left or check the corresponding button in the Assign selected field to menu.
  • The Login and Password buttons become active when the corresponding fields are selected. You can assign Login and Password to the fields by clicking the corresponding buttons in the upper part of the window.
  • The Value button allows to edit value of the selected parameter. 
  1. Click OK in the right-bottom corner of the Manual form editing window.


  1. Click OK in the Password Manager window to save the changes.


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