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Kaspersky Threat Scan for detecting Android vulnerabilities

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2016 Nov 17 ID: 11356

Use Kaspersky Threat Scan to check your Android devices for known vulnerabilities.

Kaspersky Threat Scan detects the following vulnerabilities:

  • Fake ID: the vulnerability allows malicious programs to disguise themselves as trusted applications and attain root access to control the device.
  • Heartbleed: this vulnerability allows malefactors access random 64 KB chunks of memory on the device. These chunks of memory may contain sensitive data such as accounts and passwords, messages, and other private information.
  • MasterKey: the vulnerability allows to insert malicious modules into trusted applications and attain root access on the device. Original application data is not changed or removed (for example, its certificate, signature, icons, and images). However, the original application code is not executed.
  • FREAK: vulnerability that occurs when HTTPS connections are being established. HTTPS connections are used in web browsers and applications for safe transfer of sensitive data.
    The vulnerability helps the malefactors compromise HTTPS connections and access the data being transferred (for example, passwords and financial information). Web browsers with the vulnerability considers the connection safe and does not warn about the danger. 
    Kaspersky Lab recommends that you install the latest updates for your web browser and use caution when dealing with sensitive data.

Kaspersky Threat Scan does not provide links to patches and does not fix vulnerabilities. To eliminate infections and vulnerabilities, install latest updates for your operating system and use antivirus software.






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