Known issues and limitations in Kaspersky Total Security


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Known issues and limitations in Kaspersky Total Security

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Main known issues

  • The keyboard input language cannot be switched if the cursor is over a protected entry field. To switch the input language, move the cursor to another input field, switch the input language, and return to the relevant input field.
  • Files on network disks cannot be shredded even if the user has deletion rights. The application displays an inaccurate message that the user does not have deletion rights.
  • When several security issues are detected while Protected Browser is running, the application notifies about only one of these issues. As soon as the indicated issue is fixed, the notification for the next protection issue is displayed.
  • After an update of an application, a Parental Control rule for this application may not work.
  • Website addresses that contain non-Latin symbols cannot be added to the list of allowed URLs in Anti-Banner.
  • When an e-mail with a password-protected archive containing multiple files is received, the application may show multiple notifications that it is impossible to scan a password-protected archive.

Solutions to some issues in Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security may work incorrectly in some other cases. To learn how to resolve such issues, see the Troubleshooting section. To see the list of fixed issues, see the Kaspersky Total Security release notes.

If the solutions given in the Troubleshooting section do not help, or if an issue is not fixed with a patch, contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support via the My Kaspersky service. Please describe the problem in detail in the request. You can find information about how to use the service on the FAQ for My Kaspersky page.

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