Secure Keyboard Input in Kaspersky Security Cloud


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Secure Keyboard Input in Kaspersky Security Cloud

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Latest update: November 16, 2017 ID: 13367

The article refers to Kaspersky Security Cloud — Family and Kaspersky Security Cloud — Personal.

The data you enter from the keyboard (such as passwords and banking card details) can be intercepted by spying malware, which registers keystrokes whenever you are using a hardware keyboard. 

Use On-Screen Keyboard of Kaspersky Security Cloud to protect your data from interception.

Image: the data input window

On-Screen Keyboard is a component of the Kaspersky Protection plug-in. The plug-in is added to your browser after the installation of Kaspersky Security Cloud. The following browsers are supported:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 – 11 versions (except IE 10 and IE 11 in the new-style Windows interface)
  • Mozilla Firefox 43 – 50
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR 38.5 – 45
  • Google Chrome 44.x – 55.x
  • Microsoft Edge

To launch On-Screen Keyboard, restart the computer after you install Kaspersky Security Cloud and enable the Kaspersky Protection plug-in

On-Screen Keyboard  cannot protect your data if you submit it to a hacked website. In this case, the information will go to criminals.

How to open On-Screen Keyboard


How to type using the On-Screen Keyboard


On-Screen Keyboard settings


How to configure Secure Keyboard Input

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