Kaspersky Security Cloud for Mac release notes


Kaspersky Security Cloud for Mac


Kaspersky Security Cloud for Mac release notes

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2017 Dec 05 ID: 13538
The article refers to Kaspersky Security Cloud for Mac — Family and Kaspersky Security Cloud for Mac — Personal.

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Kaspersky Kaspersky Security Cloud for Мас was released on May 30, 2017. Full version number is

What's new

  • Real-time protection with free daily updates of databases keeps your Mac and your data safe from malware, network attacks, and Internet threats.
  • Adaptive security technology ensures that you receive the appropriate level of protection at the right time by providing you with timely recommendations and notifications.
  • Safe Money prevents online fraudsters from stealing your bank card details by verifying that your online transactions are not intercepted.
  • Secure Connection lets you hide your real location and encrypt all data sent and received by your Mac.
  • Private Browsing prevents websites from tracking your browsing activities and protects your privacy on the Internet.
  • Webcam Protection stops applications from using surveillance backdoors and spying on you through your webcam. To see the list of supported webcams and examples of applications that can be blocked with this feature, refer to the atricle.

Main known issues

  • Applying updated Webcam Protection preferences to a running application requires a restart of this application.
  • Recommendations and potentially insecure system preferences can't be viewed and managed on My Kaspersky.
  • Silent devices in sleep and standby modes may not appear on the list of Home Network devices in a timely manner.
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