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Kaspersky Password Manager for Windows release notes

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2018 Mar 07 ID: 14245

The new version of Kaspersky Password Manager for Windows was released on March 13, 2018. The full version number is

In the latest version of Kaspersky Password Manager 9.0 your data will be converted to a new format that is incompatible with previous versions of the application.  

If you have a previous version of Kaspersky Password Manager on your other devices connected to the same My Kaspersky account, you must update the application to version 9.0 to sync data across your devices and the cloud storage. 

If you want to use a previous version of Kaspersky Password Manager, connect it to a different My Kaspersky account to avoid losing your data.

What's new

  • Data protection has been improved.
  • The initial application setup has been updated and simplified.
  • You no longer need to register on My Kaspersky to use Kaspersky Password Manager.  
  • The limitations in the free version have been changed. You can now have 15 active entries of any type.
  • New sections have been added: Bank cards and Addresses. Data about bank cards and addresses has been moved from Identities to these new sections. Remaining data has been moved to the Notes section.
  • You can now store images and document scans in the vault. They will be stored in an encrypted format.
  • Kaspersky Password Manager can now automatically search your computer for scans and photographs of sensitive documents.
  • Kaspersky Password Manager extensions can now autofill bank card and address details on websites.
  • You can now send us feedback about your Kaspersky Password Manager experience from the application interface.
  • The latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Yandex.Browser are now supported.
  • Entries can now be displayed in a tile view.
  • The application interface has been improved.

Known limitations

  • Microsoft Edge is not supported.
  • If the system date differs from the actual one by more than one year, connection to the My Kaspersky account, as well as synchronization and registration, may result in an error.
  • When creating a copy of an application account based on another account from another device, the ability to save it is disabled by default until data in the account has been changed.
  • Synchronization cannot be performed when installing the application on cloned virtual machines and connecting it to a single My Kaspersky account.
  • Web pages opened from the application will load on the active tab of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • On some websites, an error may occur when autofilling forms or logging in.
  • Autofill of logins and passwords in applications does not work.
  • Autofill for registration forms may not work correctly on some websites.
  • Autofill of bank card data may not work correctly on some websites.
  • Autofill of addresses may not work correctly on some websites.
  • Some features of the extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox may be unavailable until the web page is fully loaded.
  • If an error occurs when installing the Google Chrome extension, you must install it manually from the Chrome Web Store. You can also install the Kaspersky Password Manager extension from the Browsers section of the application settings.
  • CPU usage may significantly increase if the application is being run by multiple system users simultaneously on Microsoft Windows 10.
  • Importing the data vault from an earlier version of Kaspersky Password Manager is not possible if there is at least one account with two identical logins (the same usernames) in the vault.
  • After uninstalling the Kaspersky Password Manager application, the extension for Yandex.Browser must be removed manually.
  • The Kaspersky Password Manager extension is available in Mozilla Firefox 55 and later.
  • To install Kaspersky Password Manager on Windows 8.1, the Windows Update service must be running.
  • Importing logins and passwords from Mozilla™ Firefox™ browser version 58 may not work if the passwords were added to the Firefox native storage in version 58 (not in the earlier versions of Firefox).
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