How to protect online transactions with Kaspersky Small Office Security 6


Kaspersky Small Office Security 6


How to protect online transactions with Kaspersky Small Office Security 6

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Latest update: April 23, 2019 ID: 14456

When you open the pages of online payment systems, Kaspersky Small Office Security prompts you to open the site in the protected browser. In this mode, your browser opens in an isolated environment so that other applications cannot infiltrate it. 

With Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, Protected Browser opens in a new window. In Microsoft Edge, it opens in the same window. The color of the frame refers to the protection status: 

  • Green. All checks have been completed successfully. You can use the Protected Browser safely.
  • Yellow. Security problems have been discovered. The application can detect the following threats and security problems:
    • Untrusted module. Scan and disinfection required.
    • Rootkit. Scan and disinfection required.
    • Operating system vulnerability. Installation of operating system updates is required.
    • Bank or payment system certificate is invalid.  The solution checks if the certificate is present in the compromised certificates database. We do not recommend that you perform financial transactions on such websites.

Until the detected threats are neutralized, the security of your connection to the banking or payment web page is not guaranteed. 

In the Protected Browser mode, Kaspersky Small Office Security blocks the following: 

  • Making screenshots by spyware.  
  • Access to clipboard during transactions. Clipboard is only blocked when untrusted applications try to access it. If you copy information from one window to another manually, access to clipboard is allowed.   

After the Protected Browser mode is disabled, all information is deleted from clipboard.

Kaspersky Small Office Security does not collect and store your private data.


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