How to get Complete memory dump when the operating system crashes under Windows Vista with Kaspersky Lab product installed?



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How to get Complete memory dump when the operating system crashes under Windows Vista with Kaspersky Lab product installed?

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2013 Jan 25 ID: 3519

After installation of a Kaspersky Lab product, Windows Vista may "blue screen", e.g. during the computer startup or during a task execution. It might be a conflict either with your computer software or with some drivers and Kaspersky Lab product If such a problem arises, Kaspersky Lab Technical Support should receive a complete memory dump file.

How to get complete memory dump:

By default the operating system creates a small memory dump that is not enough to find out the reason for the failure, a complete memory dump is necessary for it. Configure it the following way:

Step 1. Select the Complete memory dump type

  1. In the left lower part of the screen, click Start
  2. Right-click My computer icon and select Properties 

  1. In the left part of the System window, click the Advanced system settings link.
  2. In the System properties window on the Advanced tab in the Startup and Recovery section, click the Settings button.
  3. In the Startup and Recovery window in the Write debugging information section, select Complete memory dump.
  4. Select the folder where the complete memory dump should be saved by specifying it in the Dump file field. By default, this file will be created by the operating system in its own folder in MEMORY.DMP file.
25 GB of free space on the disk or more are necessary to successfully save the complete memory dump upon the system crash.
  1. In the Startup and Recovery window click OK.
  2. In the System properties window click OK.
  3. Close all windows. 

If the Complete memory dump in the Startup and Recovery section is inaccessible, then perform the following actions:
  1. Run the msconfig tool:
    • In the bottom left corner of the screen click the Start button and select the Computer menu.
    • In the address string of the Computer window enter the msconfig command and press the Enter key on the keyboard. 
    • or
    • On the keyboard press simultaneously the keys "Windows" + "R".
    • In the command prompt enter the msconfig command and click OK.

  1. In the System Configuration window go to the Boot tab.
  2. In the Boot window click the Advanced options button.

  1. In the Maximum memory field enter the value 2046 and click the OK button.

  1. In the System Configuration window click the Apply button and then click OK.
  2. In the window click the Reboot button to apply the made changes. Before rebooting, save all opened files and close all running programs. 

Step 2. Get complete memory dump

  1. reproduce the problem
  2. wait until the dump file is created and your computer starts in the standard mode
  3. make sure that the complete memory dump file is created successfully.

Step 3. Create a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support

Create a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support via the My Kaspersky Account service. Describe your problem in all details and attach the created dump file.

You will be able to attach the file by two methods:

  • Attach files to the web form by clicking the Browse button
  • Upload files via FTP: attach files to your request by uploading them to the Kaspersky Lab FTP server to the folder with the name of your request.

You can archive the created filed of complete memory dump. It will decrease the files size which is required to be uploaded to the Kaspersky Lab FTP server.

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