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Main known issues in Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

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2012 Jan 23 ID: 4261

Applies to Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

Main known issues of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 functioning:

  1. When working in Safe Run, the following issues may be encountered: 
    • Folder attributes cannot be edited. 
    • Switching from online banking websites to any other types of web resources is not controlled. 
    • The Kaspersky Gadget does not support switching from Safe Run for Applications to the standard operation mode. 
    • Some applications cannot be installed. 
    • Safe Run can only be cleared if a certain amount of time passes after it is closed. 
    • Virtual Keyboard does not function when Safe Run for Applications is enabled. 
    • When using two monitors at the same time, the system may consume a significant amount of resources when running applications.
  2. Problems may be encountered when the Anti-Spam component handles ThunderBird 3.0 and Microsoft Outlook 2010
  3. Information about the volume of traffic displayed in the Firewall settings is not updated in real-time mode. The user has to close and re-open the window in order to update the information. 
  4. Functionality of the System Watcher component comes to nothing more than just analyzing file activity in the system. Registry, system and network activities are not analyzed at all. 
  5. Some mail formats may be processed improperly when scanned for viruses. 
  6. If the application is installed over a version, which is lower than 2010, the settings from the earlier version may be exported improperly. 
  7. If the user cancels the application removal procedure started before, the application may need to be restored or reinstalled. 
  8. When working with Quarantine and Backup, the following issues may be encountered: 
    • When restoring a file from Backup, its attributes are not saved. 
    • When starting scan of an individual quarantined file from the context menu, all quarantined objects are scanned. 
    • Changing the value of the "Maximum size of Backup" parameter or lifting restrictions imposed on it require the restart of the application.
  9. When an event notification is sent by email, the addressee may receive two identical messages. 
  10. Virtual Keyboard does not support the Sogou Chinese language. When dragging Virtual Keyboard, its content is not displayed. 
  11. When the gadget is enabled, the user cannot manage Safe Run for Applications and view the news in News Agent.
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