What is Browser Configuration Wizard in Kaspersky PURE R2?



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What is Browser Configuration Wizard in Kaspersky PURE R2?

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2012 Aug 03 ID: 4851

Applies to Kaspersky PURE R2

The Browser Configuration Wizard analyzes Microsoft Internet Explorer settings from the perspective of security, since some settings selected by the user or set by default may cause security problems. 

The Wizard checks whether the latest software updates for the browser have been installed, and whether its settings contain any potential vulnerabilities which can be used by intruders to inflict damage on your computer. 

Microsoft Internet Explorer cache contains confidential data, from which can be also obtained a history of websites visited by the user. Some malware objects also scan the cache while scanning the disk, and intruders can obtain the user's email addresses. You are advised to clear the cache every time you close your browser. 

The Displaying extensions for files of known formats option for Windows Explorer is to hide file extensions. Many malware objects use double extension, in which case the user can only see a part of the filename without the real extension. This scheme is often used by intruders. We recommend that you enable displaying extensions for files of known formats. 

The list of trusted sitesMalware objects can add links to intruder's websites to this list. 

In order to start the the Browser Configuration Wizard, perform the following actions:

  1. open the main application window
  2. on the bottom of the window, click Additional Tools
  3. on the Additional Tools window, click on the Tune Up your Browser Settings button

  1. in the General information window, only one option Microsoft Internet Explorer diagnostics is available. To start the search process, click the Next button

When you start the Wizard for the next time, you will be able to select two options:

  1. wait until the system is being checked
  2. in the Problems search completed window, check the boxes for problems to be fixed. Click the Next button
  3. in the Configuring completed window, click the Finish button

What should I do if after the Wizard's work some Internet problems appear?

If the Wizard's work cause some Internet problems, you can roll back the changes which were made by the Wizard. In order to do this, perform the following actions:

  • start the Browser Configuration Wizard
  • in the welcome window, select the Changes rollback option and then click the Next button
  • in the Changes search completed window, select the changes for rollback
  • wait until the rollback process is completed
  • in the Changes rollback completed window, click the Finish button
  • make sure that Internet problems are eliminated.

If after you have rolled back the changes the problems are not eliminated, then visit our forum or create a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support via the My Kaspersky Account service.

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