Running a post-installation script with an answer file


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Linux File Servers


Running a post-installation script with an answer file

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Latest update: January 24, 2012 ID: 4907

Applies to Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Linux File Servers

When it is necessary to run a post-installation script automatically with certain parameters, you can use an answer file containing a list of installation parameters. You can view the list of installation parameters in the answer file by running the installation script (/opt/kaspersky/kav4fs/bin/ with key -h:

EULA_AGREED=yes                                                                   Acceptance of the license agreement, has to be 'yes' to be able to proceed with the installation
SERVICE_LOCALE=<locale>                                           Locale installation for the service kav4fs-supervisor
INSTALL_KEY_FILE=<path>                                            Key file path
UPDATER_SOURCE=AKServer|KLServers|<url>       Update source type
UPDATER_PROXY=no|<url>                                            Proxy settings for downloading updates
UPDATER_EXECUTE=<yes|no>                                      Run database update task
UPDATER_ENABLE_AUTO=<yes|no>                            Enable automatic updates
RTP_BUILD_KERNEL_MODULE=yes|no                                Compile real-time protection module
RTP_BUILD_KERNEL_SRCS=<path|auto>                   Linux kernel sources path, 'auto' if default folder
RTP_SAMBA_ENABLE=yes|no|auto                                       Enable Samba server integration 
RTP_SAMBA_CONF=<path>                                           Samba server configuration file path
RTP_SAMBA_VFS=<path>                                              Samba server VFS library path
RTP_SAMBA_VFS_MODULE=<path>                            Path to the VFS module to install
RTP_START=<yes|no>                                                     Start Real-time protection task

Specify these parameters in a text file and run the post-installation script with argument --auto-install:

# /opt/kaspersky/kav4fs/bin/ –auto-install=answers.txt

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