How to configure virus scan security level settings in Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 for Mac?



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How to configure virus scan security level settings in Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 for Mac?

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2012 Sep 18 ID: 4963
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 for Mac uses different sets of parameters – security levels – to scan the computer. A security level can be edited and its settings can be configured to suit the Virus Scan task.

How to configure security level settings

To configure the virus scan security level, perform the following steps:
  1. Open the main application window
  2. In the upper left corner of the window click the Preferences button.


  1. On the Virus Scan tab select the Virus Scan section and click the lock to make the changes.
  2. Enter the administrator’s login and password, to open the lock.
  3. In the Security level section click the Preferences button to make the changes into the set of security level options.

File types

In the settings you can also define the types of files which should be scanned when running the virus scan task.
  • Scan all files - Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 for Mac analyzes all files irrespective of their header and extension.
  • Scan programs and documents (by content) - the inner header of the file is analyzed to determine the file format (textexecutable and etc). If this file format cannot be infected, such file is not scanned and becomes immediately available to the user. If the file format can be infected, it is scanned for viruses.
  • Scan programs and documents (by extension) – the application scans all files depending on their extension (e.g. files with the, .exe, .sys, .bat, .dll and etc). An extension of the file name is needed to identify the file type. With a file extension the user or software can define the type of data in the file. 
If you choose to scan files by extensions, remember that a cyber-criminal can mask an executable virus file as a text file (for example, with an rtf. extension). In this case such file will be skipped during scan, as the risk of intrusion of a malicious code with its further activation into a text file is low.


In the Optimization section you can configure the settings which enhance the scan performance. These settings are the following:
  • Skip if scan takes longer, than ... 
  • Do not scan archives larger than ... MB 
  • Scan only new and changed files (this mode scans only new files and modified since the last scan files, and applies both to simple and compound files).
  • Use iSwift technology 


Compound files

In the settings of the scan task security level you can fine-tune the following compound objects:
  • archives 
  • attachments 
  • email format files 
  • password-protected archives

Heuristic analyzer

In the Heuristic analyzer section you can enable and configure the Enable Heuristic analyzer option. Move the horizontal slider to set the necessary scan level:
  • Min. - The probability of threat detection in that mode is somewhat lower. Scanning is faster and less resource-intensive. 
  • Mid. - Optimal mode recommended by Kaspersky Lab experts.
  • Max. - The probability of threat detection in that mode is higher. Scanning consumes more system resources and takes longer.


When the changes are made it is recommended to close the lock to prevent unauthorized access to the application settings. 

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