Preparing to install Kaspersky Security Center 10


Kaspersky Security Center 10


Preparing to install Kaspersky Security Center 10

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Latest update: July 23, 2021 ID: 9297

The article concerns the following versions of Kaspersky Security Center 10:

  • Service Pack 3 (version 10.5.1781.0)
  • Service Pack 2 Maintenance Release 1 (version 10.4.343)

Before installation, check if hardware and software of the device meet the requirements for Administration Server and Administration Console.

Kaspersky Security Center stores its information in a SQL Server database. Choose the SQL server according to the recommendations and install it before installing Kaspersky Security Center. 

To install Kaspersky Security Center, you must have the local administrator permissions.

A server version of the Network Agent will be installed along with the Administration Server component. It cannot be installed together with the regular version of the Network Agent. If the server version of the Network Agent is already installed on the computer, remove it and run the installation of the Administration Server again.


Ports used by Kaspersky Security Center 10

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