Where to buy an activation code for a Kaspersky product


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Where to buy an activation code for a Kaspersky product

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This article concerns Kaspersky products for home. For information about products for business, see Kaspersky website.


For first-time users

You will need to activate your Kaspersky application after installing it or when its trial period ends. To activate the application, purchase an activation code with the help of instructions in this article.

For current users

If you want:

  • To renew your license, see instructions in this article.
  • To start using another Kaspersky application, see instructions in this article.
  • To start renewing your license automatically, see instructions in this article.
  • To cancel auto-renewal for your license and use an activation code, see instructions in this article.

For mobile application users

If you want to purchase:


  • When buying the activation code, make sure it corresponds to the region where you intend to activate a Kaspersky application. The information about regional restrictions is available on the online store page or or on the box.

Online store cart with regional restrictions warning

When activating an application with the code bought for a different region, you may get an error.
  • We recommend that you add the purchased activation code to your My Kaspersky account. This will help you track the license expiration date, renew your license, send it to a device or recover the activation code. For more information about My Kaspersky, see the Online Help page.

Via the Kaspersky website


Via the program interface


Via the My Kaspersky account


Via a partner store


What to do if you did not get the purchased activation code

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