Purchase Questions


Renewal & Order Questions FAQ’s: Purchase Order Questions


1. I purchased, but I did not receive an activation code


2. How do I purchase the product on the web or via the phone?


3. I want to speak to someone about my order.


4. After my initial purchase of the product, what do I need to do?


5. How do I look up my order information or check the status of my order?


6. What is the refund policy? How do I cancel my order?


7. I was double charged for my order, what can I do?


8. I have already reached the maximum amount of devices allowed on my license. How can I add more devices to my current license?


9. What is the difference between purchasing directly from Kaspersky or from a retail store such as Best Buy?


10. Why do I have a charge from “DRI*Kaspersky Lab” on my credit card statement?

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