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September 28, 2023

ID 174255

Beta versions are not for use in the United States. Beta versions are also unavailable for Huawei devices.

We would like to learn about your experience using our mobile products' new features and invite you to be a beta tester. The beta version includes new features you can try before they are officially released.

Be aware that beta versions may be less stable than the final version officially released to the public. You may encounter problems such as app crashes, features that do not work properly, or unavailable services.

The beta version is free of charge. However, the app's functionality may be limited (for instance, purchases could be unavailable). Please carefully read all of the beta version's terms and conditions in the End User License Agreement.

You must use the app only in accordance with the functionality provided by the installed version of the app. To view the list of beta versions you are using, go to Google Play and tap Profile > My apps & games > Beta.

Before you start beta testing the app, please carefully read the "Beta and subscriptions" section.

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