How to get an iOS MDM APNs certificate for Kaspersky Security 10 for Mobile in Kaspersky Security Center

Latest update: April 08, 2022 ID: 14759

The Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) is used for sending instant push notifications to iOS devices so that the Kaspersky Security Center policy created on the Administration Server can be applied on them. The use of Apple services is regulated according to the rules of the service.  

To get and install the APNs certificate:

  1. Open Kaspersky Security Center.
  2. Go to Mobile Device ManagementMobile Device Servers and open the properties of the iOS MDM server.

Opening iOS MDM server properties

  1. Go to Certificates and click Request new.

Requesting a new APNs certificate

  1. In the Request new APNs certificate window, click Create CSR.

Creating a CSR

Do not close the Request new APNs certificate window until the process has completed.

  1. In the Create CSR window, complete all the fields and click Save.

Filling in data for creating a CSR

  1. Sign in to CompanyAccount.
  2. Make sure an active license has been added to your account.
  3. Click New request and select CSR Signing.

Creating a CSR signing request

  1. Choose the CSR file and click Send request.

Selecting a CSR file and sending a request

  1. Go to the Request section and open CSR Signing.
  2. Download the signed .plist file.

Downloading the signed .plist file

  1. On the Apple Push Certificates Portal page, enter your Apple ID and password. Click Sign in.
  2. Click Create a certificate.
  3. Select the .plist file and click Upload.
  4. After the request has been processed, click Download.

Downloading PEM file

  1. Go back to Kaspersky Security Center.
  2. In the Request new APNs certificate window, click Complete CSR and specify the .pem file you received in the previous step.

Completing CSR

  1. Save a copy of the APNs certificate. Click Yes.

Saving a copy of the APNs certificate.

  1. Enter a name for the certificate and a password. Click OK.

Entering a certificate name and password

  1. Click Install.

Installing an APNs certificate

The APNs certificate will be installed in Kaspersky Security Center.

Checking the installed APNs certificate

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