Kaspersky Small Office Security 3.0 for Personal Computer


Kaspersky Small Office Security 3.0 (PC)


Activation errors

Activation error. Activation code is not suitable for this application
id: 10411
Activation error. License is blocked
id: 10413
Activation error. Response timeout has expired. Check network settings
id: 10405
Activation error. Digital signature missing, corrupted, or does not match the Kaspersky Lab digital signature
id: 10407
Activation error. Trial version has expired
id: 10415
Activation error. Activation error. Cannot add an expired key as an additional key
id: 10421
Activation error. Beta version of the application can be activated only under a license for beta testing
id: 10423
"Unknown error" in Kaspersky Small Office Security 3 for Personal Computer
id: 10417
Activation error. You have exceeded the maximum number of application copies that can be installed with one license
id: 10419
Activation error. Cannot register key if the corresponding non-commercial license has expired
id: 10401
Activation error. Offline mode is activated in Microsoft Internet Explorer
id: 10393
Activation error. Incorrect activation code
id: 10395
Activation error. Database date is later than the license expiration date
id: 10365
Activation error. Number of activations using this code exceeded
id: 10363
Activation error. License expired
id: 10397
Activation error. The license is already being used on your computer
id: 10361
Activation error. Activation procedure completed with system error 2148074245
id: 10399
Activation error. Activation code is invalid for this region
id: 10403
Activation error. The updated subscription key is missing
id: 10409


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