About Kaspersky Security for Network Attached Storage Protection

Latest update: January 28, 2020 ID: 12798

Kaspersky Security for Storage provides robust, high-performance, scalable protection for valuable and sensitive corporate data stored on EMC™ Isilon™, Celerra™ and VNX™, NetApp®, Dell™, Hitachi HNAS, IBM® System Storage® N and Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance systems.


  • Real-time anti-malware protection for EMC, NetApp, Dell, Hitachi, Oracle and IBM.
  • Cloud-assisted security with Kaspersky Security Network (KSN).
  • Supports CAVA agent, RPC and ICAP protocols.
  • Flexible scan configuration.
  • Scalable and fault tolerant.
  • Adaptable utilization of system resources.
  • Supports clusters.
  • Certified VMware compatible.
  • Includes iSwift and iChecker antivirus scan optimization.



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