Protection of NetApp, Hitachi NAS, and other RPC network storages

Latest update: March 18, 2019 ID: 12878
Kaspersky Security uses the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) protocol to interact with RPC network storages (such as NetApp or Hitachi NAS in the RPC mode). 
Kaspersky Security stays connected to the network storage and initiates regular RPC requests. Upon attempts of creating, reading, or changing a file, the network storage gives Kaspersky Security direct access to the file through the CIFS protocol. The component RPC-Network Storage Protection scans the file according to the settings of the RPC-Network Storage Protection task. Upon detection of a threat, Kaspersky Security performs actions specified in the settings (including disinfection or removal) and sends the scan results to the network storage. 

Supported network storages

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