Sometimes when third-party applications run on my PC a warning message Riskware: Invader from the Proactive Defense component pops up. What should I do?


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2013 Aug 28 ID: 1318

Invader (Intrusion into the process) is a category of malicious objects which embeds its code into the address space of other programs thus getting access to the program recourses. Such operations as loading a module into another process, RAM modification in the process, running exploits and others belong to programs of this kind. All these programs are detected by the Proactive Defense component.

If your computer uses programs which automatically switch the keyboard layout, the Proactive Defense component treats these actions as dangerous; because attempts to intrude into processes used by other programs are typical for Malware (for example, password interceptors, etc.).

If an executable file to which the Proactive Defense component triggers is legal and belongs to the application which was installed on your computer earlier in this case it is recommended to add this file to the Trusted zone. For it click the link Add to Trusted zone in the pop-up window Proactive Defense Warning.

If an executable file does not belong to any applications installed on your PC and does not have a digital signature either it is recommended to pack this file to a password-protected archive and mail it to Kaspersky Lab’s virus analytics for analysis to Do not forget to give the password to the archive in which the suspicious object is packed in the body of the message.

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