How to remove Trojan-Ransom ransomware


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How to remove Trojan-Ransom ransomware

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2018 Nov 22 ID: 2870

Trojan-Ransom ransomware is intended to:

  • Block access to the data on your computer.
  • Restrict your computer’s functionality.
  • Demand a payment to return the operating system to its original state.

A report by Kaspersky Lab on ransomware is available on the official website.

Malware of the Trojan-Ransom class can be divided into the following categories:


Applications that restrict Internet access


Applications that restrict browser functionality


Applications that restrict access to websites


Applications that block access to operating system resources


Applications that restrict the user’s actions in the operating system


Applications that encrypt the user’s files


Applications that intercept the user’s requests in the browser

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