How to disinfect computer from the virus Lovesan



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How to disinfect computer from the virus Lovesan

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2013 Aug 28 ID: 39

1. "Lovesan", "Lovsan", "Blaster", "Msblast", "Poza" – is it the same type of worm or different worms?


2. How can I understand, whether my computer is infected?


3. How can this worm be dangerous for my computer?


4. What systems does “Lovesan” infect?


5. How can I protect my computer?


6. What is a firewall and where can I get it?


7. How to install updates for Windows?


8. Fail to download updates from the Microsoft site – computer keeps rebooting


9. What should I do if the virus has already infected my computer?


10. I used the utility against "Lovesan", but my computer got infected once again

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