How to disinfect computer from the virus I-Worm.Nimda?



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How to disinfect computer from the virus I-Worm.Nimda?

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2013 Aug 28 ID: 40
If your computer has been infected by the network wormI-Worm.Nimda, to disinfect the computer, do the following:

  • Update the antivirus databases
  • Download the utility to fight the virus I-Worm.Nimda.
    This program will restore the file system.ini altered by the worm and will delete the files of the virus
  • Reboot your PC
  • Check by the Search function whether your computer has the following files: MMC.EXE, RICHED20.DLL, LOAD.EXE RICHED20.DLL (this is the Windows system library), MMC.EXE (Microsoft Management Console). If the antivirus scanner detects a virus in these files, the files should be deleted and changed for a “clean” files from another computer with the same OS or from Windows distributive pack (these files cannot be disinfected as the virus completely rewrites it)
  • Run the antivirus scanner. When an infected exe- file is detected enable “Perform recommended action”
  • To intrude the system from infected emails I-Worm.Nimda uses the breach in the Internet Explorer security system that allows automatically fulfill an attached executable file.
  • Check the Internet Explorer version installed on your computer.
    • If the version is 5.00 or below install a newer version.
    • If the version is 5.01 or 5.5 install a special patch from Microsoft. 
    • If the version is 6.0 do not change anything
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