What is Network Attack Blocker in Kaspersky PURE R2?



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What is Network Attack Blocker in Kaspersky PURE R2?

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2012 Aug 31 ID: 5162

Applies to Kaspersky PURE

The Network Attack Blocker component from Kaspersky PURE R2 is started automatically when the system starts. The component protects against network attacks. If a network attack is detected by Kaspersky PURE R2, then any network activity of the attacking computer will be blocked on the computer with Kaspersky PURE R2 installed.

InformationBy default, attacking computer is blocked for 60 mintues.You can change the block time.


In order to change time of attacking computer block, perform the following actions:

  1. open the main application window
  2. on the upper right hand corner of the window, click Settings
  3. on the upper part of the Settings window, select Protection
  4. on the left hand part of the Settings window, select Network Attack Blocker
  5. specify the required time in the right hand part of the window in the field Add attacking computer to blocked list for
  6. on the Settings window, click on the OK button
  7. close the main application window.

If a network attack is detected, Kaspersky PURE R2 displays the notification with the information about attacking computer.

You can find descriptions of currently known network attacks in databases. The list of network attacks is updated during anti-virus databases update.

You can find detailed information on how to test the Network Attack Blocker efficiency in KB3665 of Kaspersky Lab Knowledge Base.

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