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Why "~1" (~2, ~3 and etc) is added to the host’s name in Kaspersky Security Center 10?

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2013 Jan 09 ID: 9299

In some cases, such as:

  • relocation of computers from a workgroup to a domain and back;
  • replacement of a network card;
  • presence of hosts with the same names in different domains;
  • computer with two operating systems and one name;
  • deploying system with an image that was created on a computer with Network Agent installed.

”Doubles” appear in the logical network: i.e. two records correspond to one physical computer in the Administration Server database. That is why in order to avoid the conflict of names "~1" (~2, ~3 and etc.) is added to a computer name. At the same time connection of the Agent with the Administration Server is supported only with one name.

In order to resolve the conflict, you are recommended to find all such “doubles” and delete those which do not correspond to the real host.

If you delete an existing host, it will later re-appear in Unassigned computers.

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Applies To:

  • Kaspersky Security Center 10



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