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Revenir à l'état non crypté d'un disque crypté avec Kaspersky KryptoStorage

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2011 déc. 22 Article ID: 2902

Applies to Kaspersky KryptoStorage

Kaspersky KryptoStorage allows protecting local and removable disks by encrypting data stored on them.

If you stop the encryption, you can continue volume encryption, cancel it and roll the object back to the unprotected state. 

In order to cancel the encryption and roll back to the unprotected state, perform the following actions: 

  • Click Start in the left lower corner of the screen.
  • Click My Computer in the menu that will open.
  • In the My Computer window select the required object which is partially encrypted. 
  • If necessary, attach the protected object (you cannot attach/detach a system and/or a boot disk). 
  • Right-click the selected object.
  • From the opened context menu select Kaspersky KryptoStorage - Rollback volume encryption.
  • In the Enter user password window enter the Password to access the protected object.
  • Click OK.
  • Wait till the rollback operation is completed.
  • In the Operation completed successfully dialog window click the OK button.

During the rollback, the protected disk (removable device) remains attached and you can continue using it.

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