KseInfoCollector.exe utility for collecting information about Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Microsoft Exchange Server and its environment
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Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Microsoft Exchange Servers


KseInfoCollector.exe utility for collecting information about Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Microsoft Exchange Server and its environment

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2019 Jan 18 ID: 11628


KseInfoCollector.exe is a tool for collecting information about the settings of Kaspersky Security 9 for Microsoft Exchange Server, its installation and performance reports, as well as the information about the operating system and Microsoft Exchange Server. After the information is collected, the tool can automatically send it to the email address specified by the administrator.


The KseInfoCollector.exe tool collects three types of information:

  • The environment of Kaspersky Security 9.0 (EnvironmentInfo):
    • Windows operating system version
    • Current local language settings of the operating system
    • UAC (User Account Control) mode status, if supported by the OS
    • MMC (Microsoft Management Console) version
    • Microsoft Exchange Server version and a list of roles used
    • Number of mailboxes
    • If Cluster Service is installed and running on the host
    • Product version
    • User account under which the the application service is running
  • Kaspersky Security 9.0 logs (the Logs node):
    • Installation logs (the kseinstall.log located in the Temp folder)
    • Performance logs (all files located in the application log folders)
    • Windows Event Log
  • The configuration of Kaspersky Security 9.0 (Product):
    • The contents of the loc.Config folder
    • If Cluster Service is installed: The properties of the msDs-ByteArray attribute on each child node of Active Directory underlying KasperskyLab\KSE9.0 with the msDS-App-Configuration class.
    • The Config Fetching History And Problems.log file which contains the log of configuration fetching history and problems.

All collected information is saved into several *.zip archives. You can specify the full path to the folder to which the archives will be saved in the archive settings.

The information gathered by the KseInfoCollector is divided into three groups:

  1. Infocollector.log (utility performance log), EnviromentInfo.txt, and product configuration information. All these files are saved into one archive, the name of which is specified by the user.
  2. Product performance traces. Consists of two archives: first one contains the logs for the latest month and has the Recent suffix. The second archive contains the rest of the logs ad has the Ancient suffix.
  3. System logs, which are packed into one archive named WindowsEventLogs.
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