Compatibility of Kaspersky Safe Kids with the Mozilla Firefox browser


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Compatibility of Kaspersky Safe Kids with the Mozilla Firefox browser

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Latest update: August 25, 2021 ID: 14488

Switch to the premium version of Kaspersky Safe Kids

In the premium version, you can check the location and battery level of your child's device, view YouTube search history, and set the device use schedule.



In the Mozilla Firefox browser, Kaspersky Safe Kids does not block HTTPS websites that contain content that is inappropriate for children if the Primary Password feature is enabled in the browser settings. When opening such a website, you will see a warning about the untrusted Kaspersky Safe Kids certificate. Due to this limitation, Mozilla Firefox is blocked by default in child accounts.


Update Kaspersky Safe Kids to version or later. 

In version and later, Kaspersky Safe Kids makes changes to the Mozilla Firefox settings every time you run the browser. These changes let Firefox use certificates from the local computer store instead of the Firefox certificate store. 

You can download the latest version of Kaspersky Safe Kids from the Kaspersky website.

If you have Kaspersky Internet Security installed, make sure the Scan secure traffic in Mozilla applications option is enabled. To check this option, go to the application settings and click Network settings. If this checkbox is not selected, Kaspersky Safe Kids cannot scan the traffic transferred through HTTPS in Firefox.
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