How to export Kaspersky Security Center 10 Event Log into a file


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How to export Kaspersky Security Center 10 Event Log into a file

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2013 Mar 12 ID: 9329

Kaspersky Lab specialists may sometimes request Kaspersky Event Log for troubleshooting of Kaspersky Security Center 10. The Event Log is created on every Administration Server.

To export Kaspersky Event Log into a file:

  • Click Start, type mmc and press Enter to launch mmc snap-in.
  • In the console window, go to File > Add/Remove snap-in.
  • In the Add or Remove Snap-ins, select Event Viewer in the Available snap-ins section and click Add.
  • Click ОК twice.
  • In the left frame, expand Event Viewer > Applications and Services Logs > Kaspersky Event Log.
  • The events related to the application can be viewed in the right part of the console window.
  • To export the Event Log into a file, right-click the Kaspersky Event Log node and select Save All Events As... in the context menu. Specify the location and name for the .evtx file where to export Kaspersky Event log.
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