The license key added to the platform defines the number of training slots for employees.

One slot is used for every user assigned training. Thus, the number of training slots used is equal to the number of users with the Training in progress status. Users with other statuses do not take up slots.

Additional training slots aren't required to create phishing campaigns. You can add any users to phishing campaigns (except archived users), regardless of if their training is currently in progress. However, the number of users added to phishing campaigns can't exceed the total number of available training slots.

The functionality of the test version does not differ from the full version. In the test version, five training slots are available for 2 months. This means you can add any number of users, but only five employees can take the training simultaneously on this account (not the company!).

When a commercial license key is added, the test period will expire automatically. The five training slots provided with the test version will no longer be usable.

By default, all the training slots provided with a commercial license will be available to all the companies included on the account. You can set quotas to limit a company's access to training slots.

Adding several license keys

The counters responsible for the maximum number of users who can be training simultaneously are considered together for all license keys valid on the current date.

For example, if you activated two license keys, one for training 2,000 users over one year, and the second for training 1,000 users over two years, then in the first year you can train up to 3,000 users simultaneously (the training slots of the two license keys are cumulative), and 1,000 users in the second year (only the second license key is valid).

Insufficient number of training slots

The dashboard shows how many training slots you have, how many users currently training (using these slots), and how many slots aren't currently being used. You can't start training a group that has more users than available training slots. If there aren't enough slots, you also can't manually add new users to a group where training has already started.

If there are fewer training slots than users currently training, then all training in your account will be paused. Users will still have access to the platform, but will not be able to continue training.

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