Adding company domains

You can add your company's domains and verify them through the domain host (usually with the domain name registrar). To verify ownership of the specified domains, you need to add the platform-generated control record to your primary domain registrar's DNS records.

The control record doesn't affect how your website or email works.

After confirming the domain, you can add all users with email addresses from this domain to phishing campaigns without sending them invitations.

To add company domains:

  1. In the web interface, select the Company settings section.
  2. Select the Company domains tab.
  3. Click the Add domains button.

    The Add domain window opens.

  4. In the Company domain entry field, enter the domain name.

    The platform supports Latin or Cyrillic characters for names.

  5. Click the Add button.

    This domain will be displayed in the domain chart.

  6. Copy the text value in the Control record column using the copy button and add it to your domain name registrar's DNS TXT record.
  7. Wait for the check to be completed. You can see the check status in the domain chart.

    Checking a control record may take from 30 minutes to 3 days.

    You can use the following console commands to check whether the control record you generated was added to the DNS records of your primary domain:

    • On Linux: dig txt <name of your second-level domain>.

      For example, dig txt

    • On Windows: nslookup -q=TXT <name of your second-level domain>.

      For example, nslookup -q=TXT

    If the server response includes your control record asap-site-verification-<identifier>, the check succeeded and the record was added to the domain's DNS records.

    If after three days the platform has failed to verify the domain, you can relaunch verification using the error icon in the Verification status column or delete the domain via the delete icon.

The domain is now added. You can add users from this domain to phishing campaigns without first obtaining their consent via a training invite.

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