About per-user licensing

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud uses per-user licensing. For each user, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud can protect one desktop, laptop, or file server, and up to two Android or iOS mobile devices.

A user considered as a licensing unit is not the same as a user added to the Management Console. An actual user can own more than the above-mentioned number of devices; or, there can be devices without assigned owners. In either case, these devices will be protected.

The number of users that use Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud under a license is calculated by the number of protected devices. The number of users is the total number of protected desktops, laptops, and file servers, or half of the total number of Android or iOS mobile devices—whichever is larger.


You can view the number of users that use the software under your licenses in Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Management Console or on Kaspersky Business Hub.

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