Enabling and disabling integration with KATA Central Node

If you use Nginx as a proxy server between a device with Kaspersky Endpoint Agent installed and KATA server, configure the client_max_body_size setting. The value of the client_max_body_size setting must be equal to the maximum size of the object sent by Kaspersky Endpoint Agent to KATA for processing. Otherwise, Nginx will not send the objects whose size exceeds the specified value. The default value is 1 MB.

To enable or disable integration with the KATA Central Node component:

  1. Open the policy properties window.
  2. In the KATA integration section select KATA integration settings.

    The KATA integration settings window opens.

  3. In the Connection settings group of settings, do one of the following:
    • To enable integration with KATA Central Node:
      1. Select the Enable KATA integration check box.
      2. Specify the IP address or fully qualified domain name of the KATA server and the port used for connecting to the server.
    • To disable integration with KATA Central Node, clear the Enable KATA integration check box.
  4. In the upper right corner of the settings group, change the switch from Undefined to Forced.

    The default switch position is Forced.

  5. Click OK.

Integration with KATA Central Node is enabled or disabled.

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