Storage management task (Backup, ID:10)

The Storage is a list of backup copies of files that have been deleted or modified during the disinfection process. A backup copy is a copy of a file created before the first attempt to disinfect or delete this file. Backup copies of files are stored in a special format and do not pose a threat.

By default, the Storage is located in the /var/opt/kaspersky/kesl/common/objects-backup/ directory. Files in the Storage may contain personal data. Root privileges are required to access files in the Storage.

Sometimes it is not possible to maintain the integrity of files during disinfection. If you partially or completely lose access to important information in a disinfected file after disinfection, you can attempt to restore the file from the disinfected copy to the file's original directory.

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Storage management task settings

Viewing IDs of the objects in the Storage

Restoring objects from the Storage

Removing objects from the Storage

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