Configuring the work profile

To configure the settings of the Android work profile:

  1. In the console tree, in the Managed devices folder, select the administration group to which the Android devices belong.
  2. In the workspace of the group, select the Policies tab.
  3. Open the policy properties window by double-clicking any column.
  4. In the policy Properties window, select the Android work profile.
  5. In the Android work profile workspace, select the Create work profile check box.
  6. Specify the work profile settings:
    • To enable App Control in the Android work profile and disable it in the personal profile, select the Enable App Control in work profile only check box.

      In the Users section you can select App Control and use the workspace to create lists of allowed, blocked, recommended, and required apps, as well as allowed and blocked app categories in the section.

    • To enable Web Protection in the work profile and disable it in the personal profile for the Google Chrome browser, select the Enable Web Protection in work profile only check box.

      For Samsung Internet Browser and Huawei Browser, leave the Enable Web Protection in work profile only check box unselected. These browsers do not allow you to enable Web Protection only in the work profile. If you select this check box, Web Protection in these browsers will not work.

      You can specify website access settings (create a list of blocked website categories or a list of allowed websites) in the Web Protection section.

    • To prohibit the user from copying data by means of the Clipboard from work profile apps to personal apps, select the Prohibit data transfer from work profile to personal profile check box.
    • To block the user from using USB debugging mode on the mobile device in the work profile, select the Prohibit activation of USB debugging mode check box.

      In USB debugging mode, the user can download an app by using a workstation, for example.

    • To prohibit the user from installing apps in the Android work profile from all sources except Google Play, select the Prohibit installation of apps in work profile from unknown sources check box.
    • To prohibit the user from removing apps from the Android work profile, select the Prohibit removal of apps from work profile check box.
    • To also install the VPN-certificate in the personal profile, select the Duplicate installation of the VPN-certificate in personal profile check box. By default, VPN-certificates received from Kaspersky Security Center are installed in the work profile. This setting is applied when a new VPN-certificate is issued.
  7. To configure work profile settings on the user's mobile device, block changes to settings.
  8. Click the Apply button to save the changes you have made.

Mobile device settings are configured after the next device synchronization with the Kaspersky Security Center. The space of the user's mobile device is divided into a work profile and a personal profile.

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