Web Protection

The following conditions must be met to enable Web Protection:

Web Protection on Android devices works only in the Google Chrome browser (including the Custom Tabs feature), Huawei Browser, and Samsung Internet Browser. Web Protection for Samsung Internet Browser does not block sites on a mobile device if a work profile is used and Web Protection is enabled only for the work profile.

To use Web Protection at all times when you browse the web, set Google Chrome or Samsung Internet Browser as the default browser.

To set a supported browser as the default browser and use Web Protection for website scanning at all times:

  1. In the main window of Kaspersky Endpoint Security, tap SettingsApp settingsWeb Protection.
  2. Switch the Web Protection toggle button to On.
  3. Tap Set default browser.

    This button is displayed when Web Protection is enabled and a supported browser has not been set as the default browser.

    The default browser selection wizard starts.

  4. Follow the wizard instructions.

The wizard sets Google Chrome, Huawei Browser, or Samsung Internet Browser as the default browser. Web Protection continuously scans websites while you browse the web.

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