AMSI Protection

AMSI Protection component is intended to support Antimalware Scan Interface from Microsoft. The Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) allows third-party applications with AMSI support to send objects (for example, PowerShell scripts) to Kaspersky Endpoint Security for an additional scan and then receive the results from scanning these objects. Third-party applications may include, for example, Microsoft Office applications (see the figure below). For details on AMSI refer to Microsoft documentation.

The AMSI Protection can only detect a threat and notify a third-party application about the detected threat. Third-party application after receiving a notification of a threat does not allow to perform malicious actions (for example, terminates).

AMSI operation example

AMSI Protection component may decline a request from a third-party application, for example, if this application exceeds maximum number of requests within a specified interval. Kaspersky Endpoint Security sends information about a rejected request from a third-party application to the Administration Server. AMSI Protection component does not reject requests from those third-party applications for which the Do not block interaction with AMSI Protection Provider check box is selected

AMSI Protection is available for the following operating systems for workstations and servers:

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