Editing the list of trusted applications

The list of trusted applications is a list of applications whose file and network activity (including malicious activity) and access to the system registry are not monitored by Kaspersky Endpoint Security. By default, Kaspersky Endpoint Security scans objects that are opened, executed, or saved by any program process and controls the activity of all applications and network traffic that is generated by them. Kaspersky Endpoint Security excludes applications in the list of trusted applications from scanning.

For example, if you consider objects that are used by the standard Microsoft Windows Notepad application to be safe without scanning, meaning that you trust this application, you can add Microsoft Windows Notepad to the list of trusted applications. Scanning then skips objects that are used by this application.

In addition, certain actions that are classified by Kaspersky Endpoint Security as suspicious may be safe within the context of the functionality of a number of applications. For example, the interception of text that is typed from the keyboard is a routine process for automatic keyboard layout switchers (such as Punto Switcher). To take account of the specifics of such applications and exclude their activity from monitoring, we recommend that you add such applications to the trusted applications list.

Excluding trusted applications from scanning allows avoiding compatibility conflicts between Kaspersky Endpoint Security and other programs (for example, the problem of double-scanning of the network traffic of a third-party computer by Kaspersky Endpoint Security and by another anti-virus application), and also increases the computer's performance, which is critical when using server applications.

At the same time, the executable file and process of the trusted application are still scanned for viruses and other malware. An application can be fully excluded from Kaspersky Endpoint Security scanning by means of scan exclusions.

How to add an application to the trusted list in the Administration Console (MMC)

How to add an application to the trusted list in the Web Console and Cloud Console

How to add an application to the trusted list in the application interface

Trusted application settings



Do not scan opened files

All files that are opened by the trusted application are excluded from scans by Kaspersky Endpoint Security. For example, if you are using applications to back up files, this feature helps reduce the consumption of resources by Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

Do not monitor application activity

Kaspersky Endpoint Security will not monitor the application's file- and network activity in the operating system. Application activity is monitored by the following components: Behavior Detection, Exploit Prevention, Host Intrusion Prevention, Remediation Engine and Firewall.

Do not inherit restrictions of the parent process (application)

The restrictions configured for the parent process will not be applied by Kaspersky Endpoint Security to a child process. The parent process is started by an application for which application rights (Host Intrusion Prevention) and application network rules (Firewall) are configured.

Do not monitor the activity of child applications

Kaspersky Endpoint Security will not monitor the file- and network activity of applications that are started by the trusted application.

Allow interaction with Kaspersky Endpoint Security interface

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Self-Defense blocks all attempts to manage application services from a remote computer. If the check box is selected, the trusted remote access application is allowed to manage Kaspersky Endpoint Security settings through the Kaspersky Endpoint Security interface.

Do not block interaction with AMSI Protection component

(available only in the Kaspersky Security Center Console)

Kaspersky Endpoint Security will not monitor the trusted application's requests for objects to be scanned by the AMSI Protection component.

Do not scan encrypted traffic / Do not scan all traffic

Network traffic initiated by the trusted application will be excluded from scans by Kaspersky Endpoint Security. You can exclude either all traffic or only encrypted traffic from scans. You can also exclude individual IP addresses and port numbers from scans.


If necessary, you can provide a brief comment for the trusted application. Comments help simplify searches and sorting of trusted applications.


Status of the trusted application:

  • Active status means that the application is in the trusted zone.
  • Inactive status means that the application is excluded from the trusted zone.

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