Updating in mobile mode

Mobile mode is the mode of Kaspersky Endpoint Security operation, when a computer leaves the organization network perimeter (offline computer). For more details about working with offline computers and out-of-office users, refer to the Kaspersky Security Center Help.

An offline computer outside of the organization's network cannot connect to the Administration Server to update databases and application modules. By default, only Kaspersky update servers are used as update source for updating databases and application modules in mobile mode. The use of a proxy server to connect to the Internet is determined by a special out-of-office policy. The out-of-office policy must be created separately. When Kaspersky Endpoint Security is switched to mobile mode, the update task is started every two hours.

To configure the update settings for mobile mode:

  1. In the main window of Web Console, select DevicesTasks.

    The list of tasks opens.

  2. Click the Update task for Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

    The task properties window opens.

    The Update task is created automatically by the Quick Start Wizard of Kaspersky Security Center. To create the Update task, install the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows web plug-in while running the Wizard.

    Select the Application settings tab → Mobile mode.

  3. Configure the sources of updates. The sources of updates can be Kaspersky update servers, other FTP- and HTTP servers, local folders, or network folders.
  4. Save your changes.

As a result, the databases and application modules will be updated on user computers when they switch to mobile mode.

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