Main application window

To open the main application window,

in the taskbar notification area, click the Kaspersky Password Manager icon.

In main application window, you can perform the following actions:

The main application window contains the following sections:

In the right part of the window you can view the contents of the selected section and manage data.

Interface items of the main application window

The Favorites, Websites, Applications, Identities, Notes and Search tabs in the left part of the main application window provide access to data.

You can perform the following actions by clicking the buttons in the main application window:

Lock the Kaspersky Password Manager data vault.

Go to the Kaspersky Password Manager Help system.


View the status of data synchronization and manually enable data synchronization.

Free version / Premium version / License is about to expire / License expired

  • Buy a license for Kaspersky Password Manager Premium.
  • View info about the current version of the application.
  • Renew license
  • Switch to the free version of the application.

Go to the application tray menu. The application tray menu lets you:

  • Go to the application settings window.
  • Go to the Password Generator.
  • Check if application updates are available.
  • View system info of the application.
  • Go to the help system.
  • Go to web pages where you can download Kaspersky Password Manager for devices running other operating systems.

If Kaspersky Password Manager is unlocked, all interface items of the main application window are shown. If Kaspersky Password Manager is locked, the main application window contains only the master password entry field and the Unlock button. If you have forgotten the master password, you can click the Forgot your master password? link to create a new data vault.

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